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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Shabaka, also called Sabacon
(flourished 8th century bce) Shabaka the Kushite conquered Egypt and founded its 25th (Kushite) dynasty He ruled Egypt from about 719/718 to 703 bce. Succeeding his brother Piye, in Kush (in modern Sudan), Shabaka moved north, captured Bocchoris, the second king of the 24th dynasty. It has been stated that he may have been created Memphis, near Cairo, his capital and adopted the titles of the traditional Egyptian pharaohs. He contributed numerous religious buildings at Thebes, home of Amon-Re, his dynastic god. Following Piye’s ideals, Shabaka fostered religious orthodoxy in Amon. He may have returned to ancient cultural themes, which characterized the 25th and 26th dynasties. He had old texts recopied and also continued the royal tradition of pyramid burials. He was interred in a pyramid at Mount Barkal, his dynastic home between the Third and Fourth cataracts of the Nile River.