Positive Progress Through The Benevolent Use Of Knowledge

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Spirit of Sankofa expresses:
Truth & Knowledge , may it fill your house:
Brother Cipher has lefted us some jewels
that are glistening with much enlightment
In the form of Lyric's of Loyalty*

Like Gold and Silver births a new life of electrum,
A Solar eclipse of darkness is how I effect them,
My third eye like Ra burns throughout the ages
Check me out back in the day on papyrus pages.
My name spelled out in the Medu Neters
Harmonic procession of the Pyramid meters.
Hand claps in an organized strength of unity,
Just like Black people are suppose to be.
But somebody came along and w/ a bag of tricknology
Now it's all about me, instead of we, check out the Trinity.
Osiris , Isis, Hours, then Joseph, Mary and Jesus,
All became white, and that's when they seized us.
Mental enslavement was in full effect, but the chains are now rusted
Black people voted for Obama, tired of being disgusted
He's just one man but it could be a cultural change in the USA.
An African name running the country, you'd ever thought you see the day?
All things are possible we can change the world Black People
Doesn't matter if you worship around a Black Kaaba or under a white steeple
Like the Black writer Alexander Dumas said, "All for one, one for all,"
Germany tore down their OPPRESSIVE wall , we can do it to Ya'll

The CIPHERX Chronicles*

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