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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Queen of Fire

Deep and dark is the inhabitance that fills my heart. There now are no doors no windows. No light. to brighten my skies of gray. With each passing day my world sets in darkness. Once Our Passion Sparkled like Amon Ra.. Romantic and Sweet like Osiris and Isis filled with so much Love. Unquely illuminizing the great Horizons. When we made Love, it was like a Beautiful Serenade. Everything We touched Together was Cosmicly made. I envisoned you My Orion Nebula Passing a Diamond Ring of a Total Eclipse. The belt of the hunter My True and Rising Canis Major. At this moment in time..There is nothing lefted than thoughts in a mere distance. Before the foundation of this Universe was created. We were meant to Be a Twin Flame of Balance. All I have are memories hieroglyphics inscriptions upon the walls of my Heart. A Da~Ja~Vue of sweet caress. Highlighted secretiions beholding our prime reason. Now I stand as a Queen of Fire. yet filled with so much Love and Desie. Orbiting your moon struck you calming my enflamed touch. I wonder if you ever take the time to consider. When your mind took flight. Unaware as you search for an Omeba. you departed. My Sun laughter all Light. And what few Stars there were.

*Dream Stella*

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