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Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 Symbolic Elements

In these four elements symbolic of four supreme beings combined with the fifth element, The Human being (a source of creative will) (Hu). This is the source of all life forms on this great planet.

Ta (Earth), with Ma (Water) , ¾ of the planet earth surface is occupied by water. And re-aligned ourselves with Neteru, and even “Mother Nature”.

All from the primordial waters. And our etherian parents the (8) Eight Rashunaat (Ogdoad).

The life forces, Sekhem and find our way home, through the energies as ether on into the boundless universe as cell life forms beings. Universal Ba (inner soul) to give or sustain life Neb (spiritual masters of individuals) Bes. (Master, physical image of a deity.

Protected by the Ba (inner soul) Ba gives life and Neb (spiritual masters) sustains Ka. (Etheric double, spiritual body) , Sa (protect , guard), Hu (The Neter of offering) Khaibit (shadow).

SekhemChi, energy from the root seat, Setekht , Khu (fire, flame) sustains Neb (spiritual master). The Khat (physical dead body). To our physical parent Sedjet (Enneads).

We must attune ourselves with the elements that are in and around us daily. Through each awakening , sleeping and fleeting moment. As we elude ourselves that time is in motion. Time does not move forward, nor has it come from behind.

It has always been. Time does not ascend upward; nor has it descended from above. Time is now, now is the time, time is.

We must learn the realities of existence and reverse the process of self deterioration. , both physically and mentally, and with the “confirmed fact” become a part of all. The essence of our being is that we exist and with that confirmation existence is as we are. Time is as we be. All is , all acts, all does, all things are a part of all on into allness.


The baby of (Allness) is found in the womb of Quantum Physics, born inside-out in Ethernic existence.

So as a devoted Kemetic of the ancient Egyptian and order of Neter A’aferti known as…. Atum Re.

Sekhem – Chi Tepi – Hesp (Aura)

Each time you begin this journey it’s the first time.....
A Neter yourself , from which derives the word 'Nature'.

You maybe initiated, and re-initiated until Meskhenet vibrating all 4 Tepi Hespaat (Auras).

1. Blue, 2. Yellow, 3. Green, 4. Red


And then you may reverse the cycle, until the ancient ones arrange your existence in the great sight to flow in order. Once that perfected state has been reached. The inner being begins to elevate itself back into Kuluwm (All).

And back to Meshenet short paths of faith, belief and your diligent quest for facts and confirmation, has led you to the end of belief, faith and to the beginning journey on the path of truth and facts and Rennet - fortune.


The Golden City , Egypt

(Egypt of the West)


The Great Re Sun (Ra) with its thousands (1000’s) of Rays (‘Re’) of mental energy protecting each era of what’s called time.

A great crystal city must be born, on earth as it is in heaven, for the higher learning when the spiritual Neteru (Masters) must descend and ascend to seek those worthy of the best kept secrets; best kept sacred.

Atum-Re. I am he who will harold in this great resurrection of the children of the Neter (Deity’s) with the great alignment of the planet at the millennium 5/5/2000 A.D.

The element site, this like El Maguraj is not a new rite, A fabricated initiation, but a long thought forgotten rite,, that was a part of our ancient but now resurrected to present day culture.

When we ruled....... in the heavens and came to the earth, and in due respect of utilizing the provisions of this new environment, we gave thanks and showed appreciation through this most sacred and ancient ritual.

If you prove to be worthy, you many continue to walk the path, stand amongst the Nebu, Neteru, the Anunnagi, the Nommo, the Eluls.

It is these four ancient and supreme races of beings who are responsible for bringing the Homo Sapien into existence and clicking on the light called Ba (soul).

Which is that state of expression that was needed to show through, Taful (prayer) , Through Maguraj, (the journey within) and again through this great ritual.

Our appreciation for the boundless gifts, and our willingness to cooperate, participate in nature and its generosity. The Source, which is ever nourishing us with the fruits in which they bring forth from Ta, (Earth), substance, and the Mu (water).

Which through moistness germinates and kindles life in Nature, and the Nefu (Air) which transports the seeds for growth, to sustain the body and trigger the ether, through proper breathing.

Through Sutukh (fire) the sun that stimulates growth, and the flames that cooks our food, we must remember we were not alone, we are never alone.

El Juzrun Dakka – The element site.

The Maguraj site, is directly aligned with the star constellation Sabtu (Orion)

It is no coincidence that the element sight, El Juzrun Dakka is directly aligned with the Taurus star constellation consists of the Zeta star, Al Natu, Alderbaran, Pleiades, Hyades and Lambda.

The key to measure the distance of star’s in star clusters, Taurus is the symbol of “The bull”.

It is also the Greek symbol of Tau, which was adapted from the Egyptian symbol the Shen. (Refer to amulets.

Taurus the bull is one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, which is Mentu. Its brightest star Kiymah ‘pleiades’ is positioned approximately 500 light years away from Ta (earth).

Pleiades is the 7th star system in Orion,the 16th galaxy. The brightest star of Pleiades is called ‘Eta Tauri”.

The star cluster of Taurus constellation

1. Zeta Star 2. Al Natu 3. Alderbaran 4. Pleiades 5. Hyades 6. Lambda ….

Is the key to measuring the distance between stars.

Did you know?

How Halloween started….
Halloween custom goes back 2,000 yrs. It was based on a ceremony that was held around the first of November. The ceremony was led by Druids, who were Celtic priests in Great Britain, Ireland and parts of France.

During the event, they honored the souls of the dead who returned to Earth that night. As part of the celebration, people burned bonfires and wore costumes.

In some parts of the world, black cats are thought to be good luck.


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