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Friday, August 29, 2008

Egyptian Love Poems

The Flower Song (Excerpt)
To hear your voice is pomegranate wine to me:
I draw life from hearing it.
Could I see you with every glance,
It would be better for me
Than to eat or to drink.
(Translated by M.V. Fox)

From Hieroglyphics to Hymns
The earliest poetry in Egypt was likely part of an oral tradition. Hymns, stories, and prayers were passed down from speaker to speaker.

I wish I were her Nubian slave who guards her steps.
Then I would be able to see the colourof all her limbs!
I wish I were her laundryman ,just for a single month.
Then I would flourish by donning
[her garment]and be close to her body.
I would wash away the unguent from her clothes and wipe my body in her dress . . .
I wish I were the signet ring which guards her finger,
then I would see her desire every day.

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