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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pharaoh NARMER Calculation of 684-Year Kingdoms

Pharaoh Narmer's Heb-Sed Feasts
Pharaonic Egyptian Numbers and Symbolsas LATER standardized, but not initially

Calendration Mathematics, Astronomy Calibration of Solar and Lunar Cycles
"The Egyptians had a decimal notation. The hieroglyphic script had distinct signs for units, tens, hundreds, etc., the numbers of each being indicated by repetition of the sign. There was no sign for zero and no positional notation, so that representation of large numbers became extremely cumbersome."Gay Robins & Charles Shute, The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus. However, scholars have failed to see that this symbolic decimal notation was not standardized in the early stages of Pharaonic civilization and that symbols were subject to divergent positional decimal application.

Above : Oldest known script of a Pharaonic Calendric Feast(Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

One of the most amazing misreadingsin all of Egyptology relates to the veryoldest of all Pharaonic calendric inscriptions,pictured above, as Narmer's Heb-Sed Feasts.

Here is the corrected reading.

The simple mathematics is 19 x 120,000 = 2,280,000.(See below - numbers are bold face - graphic less prominent by intent.)

The "sitting man" hieroglyph reads "Siets, Sed, Seta"and is the same as Babylonian "Sin "i.e. "Moon".Compare to this Swedish seter and Latvian seta "fence, border."120,000 lunations x 29.5 days (the synodic month,i.e. from one new moon to the next new moon)is 3,540,000 days which is exactly10,000 lunar years of 354 days each..19 years is the Metonic Cycle of lunations(235 lunations = 6939 days = 19 solar years)..The Pharaohs used a schematic civil year of 360 days, so19 x 360 = 6840 days and 19000 x 360 = 6,840,000 days,with 6,840,000 divided by 3 equal to 2, 280,000 days...In this manner, the Narmer Heb-Sed Feasts(civil and lunar calendar) are reconciled with each otherby a common denominator x 3.

Now, what have the Egyptologists written before this?.Originally, the Egyptologists erroneously thought that this was a victory celebration, with the Pharaoh Narmer *to the left, his wife in the canopy to the right, followed bydancers and war booty, according to the Egyptologists120,000 captives, 400,000 cattle and 1,422,000 goats..Of course, these were absurdly large numbers, particularly since the numbers were misread - which is crucial to a solution..Currently , Egyptologists do see the Narmer scriptto relate to the "heb-sed" renewal feast,which they think took place every thirty years..But rather than to recognize the clear astronomy involved here, the Egyptologists say the feast was held as an agricultural "fertility feast"and was used to "test the potency" of the king,who was to run thrice around the compoundto prove his fitness (strange test for potency!) What we do have here is a clear astronomical calculation,as explained at the top of this page.

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