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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Discoveries and Inventions of Ancient Egypt

As we view the world today, on a Global scale we see many inventions. We would never know that so many of the inventions today are "Afrocentric inventions" in it's origins....done thousands of years ago. From all regions of of Afrika. Such things as birth control, automatic doors just to name a few is from the wisdom of intelligent African's. As we already know so much was stolen from Africans...and it pays homage and respect to our ancestors to reclaim our rich forefathers inventions and our rich history.

MonotheismPhilosophy National Government Architecture Organized Science Anthropology-Ethnology (identifying and labeling racial groups)

Botany ZoologyAstronomy Mathematics Medicine Anatomy (identifying and labeling internal and external body parts)
Antibiotics Embalming Surgical instruments Medical specialists (Doctors who treated specific ailments) Dentists
Transportation Rudder Canals (including the first Suez canal) Navy (including the circumvention of the African continent) Technology Steam engine (Heron of Alexandria, a native Egyptian, called Michanikos, the Machine Man) Automaton (Heron) Automatic door (Heron)Lock Key Clock Loom Ink Metal piping Egg hatchery Carpentry joints Fiberglass

Sexual Contraceptive Spermicide Circumcision Personal Comb Hot Comb/Hair straightening comb Scissors Shoes (sandals) Birthdays Cosmetics Beauty shop Eye makeup Deodorant Toothbrush Toothpaste Cough drops Wigs Customs Wedding ring Handshake Table manners"Amen"
(Hidden) Thumbs up, thumbs down Food & Drink Pancakes Marshmellows AgriculturePlow Home Air-cooling system Fan Master bed room Canopy bed Indoor lighting - oil lamps Communications Calendar Writing Postal system Carrier pigeons Drum At play Checkers Senet Rattles Marbles Bowling Darts Doll making industry Mechanical toys Zoos Literature (novels, poetry, narrative, drama) Sistrum Bagpipe Trumpet Wind Organ (Heron)

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