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Friday, September 5, 2008

Egyptian Hieroglyphic's Symbols

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Adoration (dua) - "Adore"
Akh (akh) - "Effectiveness"
Ankh (ankh) - "Life"
Ba (ba) - "Soul"
Baboon (ian) - "Sun", "Moon"
Basket (nebet) - "All", "Lord"
Bow (iunet, pedjet) - "Enemies"
Brazier (khet) - "Fire"
Cartouche (shenu) - "Sun", "Pharaoh"
Cobra (iaret)

Djed Column (djed) - "Stability"
Ear (mesedjer) - "Hearing"

Eye of Horus (udjat, wadjet) - "Sun"
Feather (shut) - "Truth"
Gold (nebu) - "Tomb"
Headrest (weres) - "Sun"
Heart (ieb) - "Soul"
Ka (ka) - "Conscience"
Knife (des)
Knot of Isis (tiet) - "Life"
Lapwing (rekhyt) - "Peoples"
Lotus (seshen) - "Lower Egypt"
Menet Necklace (menet)
Mountain (djew)
Nefer (nefer) - "Beauty"
Palace Wall (serekh) - "King's Home"
Papyrus (mehyt) - "Upper Egypt"
Phoenix (benu) - "Sun"
Pool (she) - "Water"
Praise (henu) - "Praise"
Sa (sa) - "Protection"
Sail (hetau) - "Breath"
Scarab beetle (kheper) - "Sun"
Sekhem Scepter (sekhem) - "Power", "Might"
Senet Board Game (senet)
Shen Ring (shenu) - "Eternity"
Sistrum (sesheshet) - "Placation"
Sky (pet) - "Sky"
Star (seba) - "Afterlife"
Swallow (menet) - "Souls"
Tree (nehet) - "Life", "Rising Sun"
Vulture (neret)
Was Scepter (was) - "Power"
West (imenet) - "Afterlife"

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vonthurn said...

The paragraph starting with Orions belt is not well written, and in fact, quite confusing and incoherent. I am interested in what you have to say and of course your sources.