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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Ancient Matrimonial & Patriotic System


The Patriotic system of belief centered around god as a male god or deity.

The Matrimonial System of belief centered around god as male and female deities, a Balance.


Hathor represented the "Great Mother" feeding upon great mother earth".

The story goes RA was sick of man's sins and disrespect of his name, and sent Hathor (Sekhmet)to flood man out with her menstrual cycle. A group of men asked Ra to spare them and they promise to live upright.


Actually the Goddess Eastre can be traced to the goddess Ishtar whom can also be traced further to Isis (IS) and Hathor - Hathor means House(hat) of Horus(Hor). Thus I conclude that "HTAR" is a semetic version of "HATHOR" and combined with IS to make Ishtar.

Hathors full name was Meri-Hathor, Meri is an egyptian version of Mary - in egypt hathor is the mother of horus - in bible mary is the mother of jesus and the word beth-elham a place were king david was also born thus a place of royal birth is an equivilent of hathor were Egytpian pharaohs are said to of be born from.

The goddes Ishtar, gave birth to Tammuz(thomas), just like Horus and Jesus, he was born a virgin, whos father is the Sun who is associated with healing and eternity. Tammuz is the equivilent of the greek god Dionysus - the word dionysus means Son(dion) of(y) God(sus) whom was born from the virgin goddess.

Ishtar - in caanite she is called Ashoreth, in pheonician she is called Astarte, in greek she is Aphrodite, and in norse she is Eastre. take note that most Norse gods can be traced to eastern roots for example "Odin" a name which is similer to Adon - Adonai - Adonis - Posiedon - names of which can be traced to its egyptian origin "Aten/Atem".

Take note that the word Posiedon roughly translated as "Lord God" whom appears in the Torah whom most attributes are nearly exact.

The warrior goddess Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown

Image from a ritual Menat necklace, depicting a ritual being performed before a statue of Sekhmet on her throne, she also is flanked by the goddess Wadjet as the cobra and the goddess Nekhbet as the white vulture, symbols of lower and upper Egypt respectively who always were depicted on the crown of Egypt and referred to as the two ladies, and the supplicant holds a complete menat and a sistrum for the ritual, circa 870 B.C. (Berlin, Altes Museum, catalogue number 23733)


RA told them to cover themselves in red dye, so she would think she covered that area.

As a result, she missed those men and earth could populate once more.
Now what we see here is the flood story - many did evil and then a back flip to the

Adam and Eve story, we know she ate the forbidden fruit, and blamed for the fall and evil in the world today.

Heru flooded out man for all his evil deeds, then history switched her cycle as a constant reminder of it.

Hathor is again pictured as the golden calf symbol of something evil, something negative, twisted in the bible as a idol god.

Contrary to most religious institutions you see, you see many statues being prayed too. So what does that say?

The Matrimonial System is applied here... transformed to a corrupt from the original verson, plagarism. Incorporated in our educational system and philosophies.
Corruption of the true spiritual story.

Just think about this.... what we need to understand first and foremost, is we were only told their version of the story.

This is not to make you believe ...... merely to present facts.

Do the research and make up your own mind.


Exerts: Ashra and Meirra Kwesi speaks at the holy temple of Hathor


Spirit of Sankofa example OF BALANCE in KMT......................

===== =======

(The Air) ----- (The Water)

GEB ---- NUT
(Earth) ----- (Sky)

From Geb & Nut came.....

Asaru - Aset - Sutukh - Nebt-Het
(Osiris) - (Isis) = (Set) - (Nephthys)


According to the People of Annu.....
ATUM emerge from the chaos of Nun and then produced all the Neteru without the benefit of a mate.

His son Shu, the Neteru of the air, was a result of a divine sneeze. The People of Hettahka (Memphites) one upped the People of Annu by declaring The Neter Ptah , Father of Atum.

The People of Khemennu (Hermopolitians) and the People of Wa-Set (Thebans) shared Amun, as a major Divine Force.


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