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Monday, December 8, 2008

Egyptian Architecture Advance 3 Major architect

Spirit of Sankofa writes:
There are always people in any culture whose greed or need gives them enough intestinal fortitude to risk the sanction of the society set up against anti-social behavior.

The Architects--- The monumentals achievements of Egyptian architecture are still dramatically visible along the Nile. The great men who build them mentioned these achievements in their biography, ---We can attached their names to specific structures, which is not the case with statues,. The tombs of ThutmoseI was considered by a man named Ineni: The Kamak obelisks of Thutmose III were erected by his official Puernve. Of all the names that have survived --*Three* (3) -- stand out above the rest; No account of Egyptian architecture would be complete without them.
The first, and perhaps the foremost, was IMHOTEP , Vizer and Overseer of works for King Djoser of the remote 3rd Dynasty. He is credited with for the Step Pyramid, Djoser massive tomb, which still dominates the site of Sakkara. Not only was the Step Pyramid a "Major Engineering Work", it was so far as we know a "CREATIVE ORIGINAL" The first Pyramid. First attempt to build on a Grandiose scale in stone. IMHOTEP talents were not limited to architecture. Later, generations of Egyptians honored him as a Sage and Master Physician an eventually he was worshipped, in his later capacity as a veritable god. The greeks identified him with 'Aescalpius. So fabulous were Imohetep's achievements, so remote, the time in which he lived, that scholars set to doubt that he existenced. A few years ago, a statue base with Imhoteps name found in the Step Pyramid end not only solidfied him historically but tied him in specifically with the great monument, which traditionallly had in specifically with the great momument, which traditionally had long ascribed to him. The story of discount begins over twenty yrs ago, when Prof. William B. Emery the distinquished excavator of archaic tombs of Sakkara, had time left over the end of his diggin season, he had been intered in this site in western-most section N. Sakkara...of the archaic cemetery. The archaic cemetery contains tombs of the very ancient first to the third Dynasties and yet, in one place, the surface of the ground dated from the Graeco-Roman times; and scholars have longed believe ...if a tomb of IMHOPTEP existed, it would be in this archaic cemetery.

AMENHOTEP :2nd architect- like IMHOTEP--was worshipped as a god long after his death, He was born a thousand years after his predeccork he was "Amenhotep son of Hapu". Amenhotep served the king whose name sake he was -Amenhotep III , of the 18 Dynasty , some scholars give him credit for Luxor Temple. Which is one of the most harmonious structure in Egypt. Like IMHOTEP Amenhotep son of Hapu was not only an architect , but a wise man of reputation. He was born of uniportant parents in Delta town of Athribs, and he started his career as a humble military scribe in charge of recruitment. It was evident his superior talent which led him to recognition, he eventually achieve from the King; not on were statues of him erected in the temple of Karnak, but he had the unpreccedented honor of a temple on the west bank of Thebes. Near that of the King, who thought so highly of him. Although he was supposed to have composed a book of wise sayings.. no trace have been found.

Last, but not least, the 3rd of our trio builders; --contrast with honor and respect....
SENMUT: He parvenu favorite of Queen Hatshepsut---is to have constructed her beautiful funerary temple at "Deir El Bahri" ...SENMUT was not a popular man. After his royal mistress passed, his enemies did their best to obliterate his name, and her's too, from the pages of history. Down thro a few generations of this Senmut name probably have been forgotten. William S. Smith has pointed out in later years a shrine with the name of deified AMENHOTEP and deified Imhotep was ereceted at the site of Deir El Bahri...where they were worshipped as gods.

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