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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Women In Battle*

Ahhotep I (1560-1530 B.C.)

She acted as regent when her young son Ahmose I ascended the throne of Egypt. She personally trained, equipped and rallied her troops in defeating the Hyksos invaders; and united Upper and Lower Egypt under one rule. This warrior queen, whose military exploits were recounted on a stone monument in the temple of Amun-Re, was found buried with three "golden fly" medals symbolizing her heroic courage in battle.

The King of Egypt mother Queen AHHOTEP I, received at least 3 Golden Fly Medals, for her bravery in the battle of the Hyksos. She lived to 90 years old. She and her medals were buried beside her son, Ahmose.
He was rewarded for his valor. Ahmose,was appointed to the ship "Rising in Memphis". For his victories --- and the hands that went with them---Agnisem sib if Ibana, was awarded 7x times the medal of nonor called the Golden Fly.

The GOLDEN FLY was a glilded pin shaped like a horsefly . Although the housefly may seem like an odd shape for a war medal, the Egyptians,chose it because the horsefly was the tormentor of the beast.
This medal of honor was presented only to the bravest soldiers.
A roman historian writing in the first century, CE. Josephus, tell hot it turned out.

They enclosed Avaris with a high strong wall:
In order to safeguard all their possessions and spoils.
The King, attempted by siege to force them to surrender...
Blockage their fortress with an army of 480,000 men.
Finally, giving up the siege, in despair he concluded a treaty by which,
theshould all depart from Egypt.

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