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Monday, December 15, 2008

Egyptian Astronomy---Pt 1

The universe hierarchy levels found in The Book Of Abraham In the previous paper I have proposed how the records for the variable measurements of big G can be used to show the actual hierarchical system of our universe. It is quite a simple system being made up of multiple levels of astronomical bodies revolving about central massive energetic bodies. Summarising, the Earth spins around the sun, the solar system spins around the centre of our galaxy Sagittarius A*, our galaxy spins around a yet unknown centre of galaxies, and this centre of galaxies spins around the central core of the universe. I have numbered these levels Macrospin level 1 to 5. Only 4 spin levels (1 to 4) have a central core orbiting another level. Level 5 has a unique body, the core of the universe, the centre of all existence which spins about its own axis. Surprisingly enough, we found mention of such a system in documents dating back to 509BC, which were apparently copies of originals which had been passed over from the days of Abraham, living at about 2000BC. Not only were these astronomical bodies mentioned, but also named, with some details about their periodicity and energy levels. In July 1835, an Irishman named Michael Chandler brought a traveling exhibition of four Egyptian mummies and papyri to Kirtland, Ohio, then home of the Mormons. The papyri contained Egyptian hieroglyphics. Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, examined the scrolls in the exhibit and noted that some of the text was recognizable because of its similarity to the text from the golden plates of the Book of Mormon. The church purchased the four mummies and the papyri for $2400. The Joseph Smith Papyri have been now determined to be from the late Ptolemaic or early Roman period 753-509BC, which is at least 1500 years after Abrahamâ??s lifetime. Apologists respond that the papyri need only be copies of the original written by Abraham and also claim that there exist some Egyptian scrolls from the same time period that clearly contain the name of Abraham. The Book of Abraham is the translated text from these acquired papyri, published as part of the Pearl of Great Price, one of the four canonical scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church has never to our knowledge taken any action on this work, either to indorse or condemn; so it cannot be said to be a church publication; nor can the church be held to answer for the correctness of its teaching. A full copy of the Book Of Abraham is available here The 4 beasts with eyes (lights) and wings (motion) each in its sphere of creation, represent the 4 central cores found in the centre of hierarchy levels 1 to 4. Unlike the other cores, of which a plurality of them can exist, Kolob is unique and usually described as the residence of God. Unlike the other 4 cores, it is a single star whose motion is described as revolutions, that is spinning about its own axis, not orbiting around any other core. The fourth beast is Earth's spinning core. It does not require much imagination to conclude that as our earth expands (we have enough evidence for this) and therefore gets heavier, its core will radiate more energy, its continents will move apart, and the melted iron core will divour all the land into hot molten metal, matching Daniel's description for the fourth beast. With all this information, I can now refine the details set forward in my previous paper as shown below. Modern astronomy will agree with this model up to the Sagittarius A level. Beyond this hierarchy level, no one knows anything, even if most researchers would agree that they cannot exclude the possibility of the existence of higher hierarchy levels and that the highest known level could in fact be rotating about some yet unknown centre of the universe. Also, another interesting fact is the mentioning of the energy medium for each hierarchy level. Today, we call this in a generalised way by 'vacuum', but as described in many parts of my website, this vacuum is also known to be made up of energy itself. It is therefore obvious that the vacuum energy, or zero point energy, or the ratio of T/S for each hierarchy level is different for each level, that is for each level referred to as spheres of creation, and this supports my point that all known physical parameters which I showed to be based on ratios of T and S, vary with their position on the universe. One must stop and think how our modern astronomy and the whole science would change once we accept the fact that the speed of light changes quite abruptly while passing from one hierarchy level to the next. We are like fish viewing the outside world from under water. Not only the speed of light, but all physical constants we are used to know as 'constants of free space'.

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