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Monday, December 15, 2008

Egyptian Astronomy Pt 2*

Egyptian has a rep as astronomers; t;his my derive from their inventions of a good calendar. Their calendar is the distant ancestor of oujr own, with 12 months of 30 days, each plus an extra 5 days. Their year is longer, than 365 days, it was a long time before anyone figured out how to work in the year. 1/4 (and a fraciton) day per yr. Egyptiansdidn'st take in account and as a result it soon got out of step with the real solar year. Still it was a decided improvemeover the flexible lunar calendars used by other people. Our twelve fold division of the Nile is also Egyptian origin. Egyptian hours varied in length depending on the season of the year. An hour was the twelveth point of the line from sunrise to sunset, for the Nile. In winter, the night hours woulbv be longer than the day hours and in the summer the reverse would be true. Their hours division could have come from observation of the annual Nile rise which---culminated in the vital inundation ..sthis phenomenon in turn was at some point, connected with the reappear ance on the horizon, af ter a periord of invisibility of the star "Sirius". Do we find any texts involving mathematical calculations of astronomical phenomena? Possibly, in the frame work of astronomical frompharonic Egypt are the decan charts.
decan charts

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