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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Origin And Mystery of Being Pt 3

The DOGONS drew pictures of the Nommos as a symbols of fish.
The fish represents the Pisces Constellation.
The Sun enters Pisces on March 13th and remains there until April 19th. During that time it crosses the equator from the southern to the Northern Celestial Hemisphere on about March 22nd. That point in time is regarded as the Beginning of Spring.
The Vernal Equinos, in the Northern part of the globe. The Equinox is also the particular place where the Sun actually crosses the Celestial Equator in a diagonal climb.
It maybe remembered, that this point marks the Zero-Hour position in R.A. (Right Ascension). From which the 24 hour of the Vernal Equinox is zero hours R.A.
And Zero Degrees Declination. Today that point is --- Pisces.
In Chaldea the Original "Man " Called "Oan" or "Oannes" was the 9th and last ruler of the 5th Dynasty. His pyramid text are found on the walls of the corridors of the burial chambers at Sakkara.
Onnaas dates back from the course of Procession about 225 B.C. The Vernal birth place passed into the sign of the fish. A Christian symbol also used to this or the phrase ....
Drop Nets and become Fishers of Men (Mathew 4:19 and Mark 1:17).
"Holy Mrekrut" comes from it. A Ma. is a fish. So It's a holy fish.
And the Christ which is also an Egyptian word, "KARAST" (Christ) As well as Messiah- which is Messeh. To annoint with fat of the crocodile.
Who have been represented for 2,155 years by the Ram as Ra or sacrificial lamb, Osiris.
And about 255 B.C. as the "Fish-Man". Was to come once more as a manifestation
from The Celestial Waters. Likewise in a synoptic writings of the apostles, Jesus who was called a fisherman, walked on water (John 21:13)
The Messiah is called the Dag "The Fish" Dag-On. Which is the collection of ancient Rabbonic writings , constituing the basis for the Orthodox Mosesism. He is tied into the sign of the fish. The sign of SIM.MAH "Pisces" The hebrews at one time connected his coming with some conjunction or occurance, in the sign of the fishes.
The Constellation called "HUWT" Which is the name of the astrological house of the Mosesites and shows that the Jews were not only in Procession of the astronominal symbolism, but also of the tradition by which it could be interpreted.
So in conclusion, The story concerning GEB as being the Cackler and the Nommos who laid the Egg, that generated creation. It Relates to where your Monotheistic religion gets the infamous question, "What came first? The chicken or the egg?
GEB plays an important part in Ani's Egyptian "Book of the Dead" And he is the one who is asked to open the jaws of the deceased to open their eyes and unbandage their limbs.

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