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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Origin And Mystery Of Beings Pt 1

The Egg is a Universal Symbol. It represents the origins and mystery of beings. The Progressive Development of the Germinal life within the shell. The inward working, the Self-Sustained. With nothing added except heat.

Yet an active something is endangered. When the inward Evolutionn is complete. Another mystery appeared. A living creature comes forth knowing where and how to crack the shell.

To all intents a Self-Generation and Self-Sustained creature. A mystery to early humanity. This is one of the reasons for the Egg is used in the celebration of Easter. Short for Esther.

Borrowed from the Sumerian Tablets Ishtar An Aset (ISIS).
The imaginations of early man a visible bird dropped an egg through space onto Earth. The Egg became symbolic of the Universal Reproductive Principle.

This is why Brahma the Hindu deity is called the Goose and is related to space and time in a Cosmic or Physical sense.

Similar to the history of Geb being referred to as the "Goose that laid the GOLDEN Egg" which gave birth to humanity. The Dogons who were the Nubuns of Mali, recorded their encounter with neter they called "Dogir" meaning "Ugly Water Beings" These beings lived in water, and during the shadow hour would come onland to teach and mix with the Dogon.

These reptiles were called Nommo. Their names meant... The master of the water....
The Dogon referred to this solar system as Ogo's Placenta. Whereas the system of the STAR Septet (Sirius) AND IT'S COMPARISON star and satelites. Are referred to as Nommos Placenta.

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