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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Origins And Mystery Of Beings Pt 2


Is the Collective name for the great culture and founder of civilization who system to set up society on Earth.

According to the Dogons.. the landing of the Nommos on earth is called "The Day Of The FISH" Also, the symbol of Christianity is a fish.

They detailed how the Nommos landed in an Ark. The Ark landed on Earth to the North-East of Dogon country. Which is in the direction of Egypt (Tama-Re) and the Middle East.
This is where the Dogon claimed they came from originally. Before going to Mande.

The Dogon described, the landing of the Ark as the ''Word' of which was cast down by 'Him' in the four directions as He Descended. And it sounded like the echoing of the four large stone blocks being struck.

The Dogons believed that the original Germ Of Life is symbolized by smallest cultivated seed, Digitaria Exilis, commonly known as Fonio. Also called by Dogon " Kize Uzi"...The little thing. This seed quickened by a Internal Vibrational Bursts , the Enveloping Sheath.

It emereges to reach the Uttermost confines of the Universe.
At the same time Unfolding Matter moves along a path which forms a Spiral or Helix. Just as on the vegetal plane,

Seven seeds came out of the First. So in the same way on the Astral Plane.
From the first star came seven others, Bearing the names of the Seven Corresponding Seeds. The preceeding event took place inside an Enormous Egg. 'Aduno Tal'.

A world situated in Infinite Space and containing the appointed model of the Creation, Nommo the Son of Amma.

This Egg was divided into Twin Placenta. "Daughter Cells" , Each of which should contain a pair of Twins Nommo. In one Placenta, However, the male person did not await the usual period of gestation appointed by Amma. But emerged prematurely from the Egg.

Moreover, He torn a fragment from his Placenta, and with it came down through a space out of the Egg; This fragment became the Earth.

(Refer - The Holy Tablets Chapter 3, Tablet 5).

These views of thought are from the ancient theology of the Dogon Civilization;

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