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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tehuti was an important deity in Kemet. He was associated with writing, knowledge and wisdom. In monotheistic religion they always claimed that Gabriel was the Revelation or scripture bringer. Which is a concept they borrowed from The Kemetics (The Tama-Rean) Mysteries relating to Thoth, (where the word Thought originated).

Who was the deity who kept records of Egypt he wrote with a quill. There can be no argument as to the knowledge that the Kemet's pocessed. They were the greatest in the world to record their history through their form of writing. Ancient Kmt (Egypt) didnt borrow from other cultures, other cultures borrowed from it.

So many other cultures incorporated Egypt's theologies and sciences within their cultures. Ancient KMT lived by a moral code called "MA'AT". KMT had to live up to this standard. It represented Justice, Harmony and Order in the Universe.

Kmt's way of thinking then became apart of the system of the Greek. Then later Greek philosophy.

The Muhammadan took this and named the 68 chapter (originally the second chapter)after it called the Quill or Pen. Referred to as... "Suratu'l Qalam".
Which is apart of the Koran. Supposingly related to Muhammad. By the angel Gabriyl, who also came down to show Muhammad scriptures already written in heaven.

The Quill is from an ostritch bird, which was the Ma'at feather, symbol of Justice. Ma'at at is the symbol of the mystery schools. The Quill was symbolic to the bird, used by Tehuti. The Ibis bird is similar to the goose which represents GEB.

The finger recording on the tablets that made up the Positive and Negative Confessions, which later became El Torah' The Hebraic Doctrine' Mosesism Our First Degree, Christisn Our second degree which yield the Islamic Doctrine. Our Third Degree of the nine degrees. The Positive and negative confessions were the Declaration of Innocence. Long before the Neter of the Tribunal, and Unmistakable, Replica of the Ten Commandments.

That Yahweh,(Yahuwa), Jehovah according to kemet- was neter Tehuti.
In this case wrote with his own finger ......

In fact - there were 613 Commandments originally.

Study continues............

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