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Friday, March 26, 2010

KMT Declaration of Innocence & The 10 Commandments

As we begin to step into another Time. Remember to keep an Open Mind.
This study is for those that are seekers of origins.

I closed in the subject "The Mystery of Tehuti", in saying originally there were 613 original Commandments.


1. O Wide - Strider Who came forth from ANU (Heliopolis)I HAVE NOT DONE WRONG.


1. You will not prostate yourselves to them, nor slave them: For I am Yahuwa. El, The One visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children up to the third and forth generation of them that hate me.

Egyptian Declaration of Innocence:
2. O fire -Embracer who came from (Hermopolis Ancient Religious City in the Middle Al Kham associated with (Tehuti), I Have Not Robbed.

Monotheism 10 ;



3. O swallower of shade of shades who came forth from Kernet, I HAVE NOT SLAIN PEOPLE.


3. You are not to Rawtsakh 'FIGHT TO KILL.

Egyptian D.O.I.

4. O terrible of face who came forth from Rasta (Roseetjau-Name of the Necropolis of Giza or Memphis, Also passages in the leading to the other world). I HAVE NOT DESTROYED THE FOOD OFFERING.

Monotheism 10

4. Zawkar' Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Qawdash 'Holy'

Egyptian D.O.I.

5. O doubly evil one who came forth from the Busirite Nome I HAVE NOT HAD INTER- WITH A MARRIED WOMAN.

Monotheis 10

5. You are not to Nawaf 'Commit Abominations'.

Egyptian D.O.I.

6. O youth who came forth from the double scepter Nome, I HAVE NOT BEEN NEGLECTED OF TRUTHFUL WORDS.

Monotheism 10

6. You are not to Awnaw 'Bear' Shehker 'False' Ayd 'Witness' against your Rayah 'Neighbor, friends'.

Egyptian D.O.I.

7. O He- Who-Prosper-The -Common- People who came forth from Asyut (Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham), I HAVE NOT CURSE A NETERU.

Monotheism 10

7. You should not take the Shawme 'Name' of a Yahuwa Eloheem AND USE IT FALSELY FOR Yahuwa will not hold him Nawquw 'Guiltless' that takes his Shame 'NAME AND USE IT SHAWW 'FALSELY'.

This is just seven of the verses from the Declaration Of Innocence, before The Neteru Of The Tribunal. Compared to seven verses of the Ten Commandments.

Compare: Old Testament El Torah from the ancient scriptures of Egypt (Tama Rean). For more information Of "The Declaration Of Innocence", refer to the The Book Of The Dead, Coming Forth By Day.

So, again Geb giving birth to Monotheistic religion arch angel Gabriyl'el in Mosesism, Gabriel in Christism, and Jibraiyl or Gibraiyl in Muhammdism poses the Monotheistic Triad name.

1. Yahweh, El Torah (Old Testament)
2. Thehos, El Injiyl (New Testament)
3. Allah El's Qur'an (Last Testament)



Which together would be a plural as a Trinity or an Eloheem Gen 1:1
So the actual deities of Monotheism, their scriptures, El Torah.
The Law El's Injiyl,

The Apocrypha and El's Qur'an, the reading which all attributed the original writings to Moses who, as you see had a Triad of names, and an experience that had in the Har "Mountains".

Where a deity inscribed scriptures on tablets with his personal finger. The Laws and Commandments, are all borrowed from Egyptian (Kemet) Mystery as Tehuti.

It also have been stated that the Twelve Disciples were taken from The Egyptian Concept of the Zodiac Constellation.

The path of the Sun passing through the Twelve Zodial Constellations.

HAR' In Arabic Hebrew means... 'Above' or Mountain. He is also Neteru known to posess the lamp on the mountain, in the circle with his students taught by Moses, to be the burning bush. (EL' Torah chapter 3)

It was then picked up by the Greeks, and he became Hermes. And by the Hebrews as a Israelites and Jews as Mosheh (Moses). Which means 'Hidden Secret'.
Which then becomes Tehuti + Mus, Which is 'THOTH-MOSE' OR THOTHMOSE.

The word MUS or MOSE simply means 'CHILD', and TEHUTI means "MASTER OF DIVINE WORDS" and "SACRED WRITINGS". So Mosheh in Hebrew, 'Moseus' in Greek, Muwsa in Arabic.

Strangely enough it becomes a TRIAD.

Moses is not even proven to have existed. However, they tell you that his name means ... drawn out of the water. But this incident did not take place,, until he was weaned from his mother at age two.

According to Hebraic Teachings... (Genesis 17:11-12). If his name meant 'one who is drawn from the waters.. Then what was his name at birth?
Jews have a naming celebration at age 8 days, (Luke 2:21). His Hebrew name was to be Tobe Adonijah (Exodus 2:2).

The name Moses is abstracted from Ramses II, The Egyptian Name. His name Ra=Solar Deity and Meses-Child, meant a Child of Ra.

It's plain to see, that in all The MYSTERY Schools and Sacred Societies and Religions of the planet , they find their ROOTS in EGYPT (KMT).

The "GOOSE" or SWAN Figurines in all 'Cosmologies' and World Religions; It was also selected by christian crusaders as the vehicle of the Holy Ghost by the leader of the army on it's way to Palestine, to recover the Tomb of the Savior from the so-called infidels.

Again there is a Swan of Jupiter in Greece, and of Brahma in India, because the root of 'All Manifestation' is the 'Cosmic Egg'. We have referred to the Dual Element of AIR, WATER, PHYSICAL Aspects of Shu and Tefnut. Their corespondence in Man being the Mental activities which we term the Perceptive and Receptive minds.

The results of Perceptive and Receptive Mind activity as stated are Conclusions or Concepts, leaving no room for faith or belief. So they are symbolized by The Goose or Swan, a Bird of Two Elements, Air and Water, two Realities.

In chapter 104 of the Egyptian Book of The Dead' Geb the Neter of Time and of Earth, Is said to have laid the Golden Egg , or Universe ; And NU Says....

" I watch and guard that Mighty thing which have come into being and which the NETER GEB has opened the Earth".

The EGG is the Universal Symbol. It represents the Origins of Being.

The Progressive Development Of The Germinal life within the shell.

Author= Amunnubi Rooakhptah


study continues...............

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